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My car started a steering knock at about 50000 miles. I had read about something with an intermediate shaft replacement, I had read about people having steering racks replaced. There were all manner of expensive issues being suggested over the internet as to the cause of the knock. The knock occurs at low speed or stationary with the engine on or off or even with the car just parked and not running at all. The knock can easily be heard when rocking the steering wheel back and forth.
I investigated and found that the top clamp of the intermediate steering shaft was the source of the knocking. I could feel that the problem was caused by the factory fitting a bolt in the clamp which, over a period of use, had stretched and allowed the pinch clamp arrangement to come a little bit loose. I couldn't see the clamp but I could feel it by kneeling by the side of the open drivers door and with my fingers of one hand touching the steering shaft rocking the steering wheel from side to side with the other hand. ( better than working with a volunteer because I didn't fancy getting my hand trapped by over enthusiastic steering input). Having located the clamp, I could feel the steering shaft move against the clamp. I took out the old bolt with a 12mm combination wrench ( spanner in english) and sure enough, found it to be a low tensile bolt. I replaced this bolt with a new high tensile bolt and cured the issue for the cost of 15 minutes and a bolt which I had lying around in my workshop stock.
The knock has not re-appeared for 3000 miles and so I think that the cure is permanent. The steering system has just been checked during the cars statutory 12 monthly check ( referred to as M.O.T. in uk) and no other issues were found with the entire steering system.
The only thing about this fix is that one has to have a good sense of touch and/or be able to work whilst looking in a mirror strategically placed in the footwell.
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