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Noise in the break Pedal LEXUS CT200H

Hi all~
I just experienced something weird with my brake last weekend. My hubby was driving my car and when he step on brake, there's a bit of shake to the car and as well as a weird squeaking noise. It happened twice that day and another time the day after. Anyone has similar issue? Is it normal? I got my car in early April and never had this issue before..
Also, when I start my car this morning, I know the engine kicked in but then the car shook quite a bit before it settles back down. Anyone has similar issue as well?
Is it just me being too sensitive??
My car was purchased 2 weeks ago and I am facing the same issue!! The dealer was Lexus West Kendall Miami and the guys over there are reall nice, but informed that it is normal!! This noise started 1 week after I purchased with some 500 miles and it really annoys me!! I think LEXUS should make a recall!!
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