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In the last month, the car has developed a faint but noticeable squeak around the passenger seat, noticeable over some bumps but seemed to worsen even over some very minor rough roads.

I removed any and all loose items in the car and to no avail. I moved the seat front and back as it sounded like it was coming from underneath the seat, but again to no avail. I even silicone greased all joints underneath the seat thinking maybe it was metal on metal, a spring, etc.

I held the seat belt, the anchor, pressed on plastic trim around the door, B-pillar, ceiling handle, sunroof visor, mirror/visor (and the list goes on) while hearing the noise, and no luck pinpointing it.

FINALLY, despite having removed the owner's manual in the GLOVEBOX, I noticed the TRAY. I pressed on it in various motions and heard what possibly could be the source. Upon more careful inspection, I noticed the CABIN FILTER COVER right behind the tray. I removed the tray (just give it a solid quick pull up and towards you to remove), then I removed the cabin filter cover.

The tray has felt on its clips for the most part, the cabin filter cover DID NOT.

FIX: So good old Canadian hockey stick tape to the rescue (felt tape is hard to find). I applied it on all clips/joints of the cabin filter cover, and placed it back on. (See pics showing panel off). No faint squeak or plastic buzzing sound any longer! :D I DID NOT place back the glove box tray as I now recall that when I had an 08' IS250, that tray was the source of squeaking as well (with or without weight on it like the owner's manual). So not taking any chance with it. Anyway, it has very little practical purpose.

If you hear any squeaking on the passenger side target the tray and cabin cover! It might be the source. Good luck.


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