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I called my dealership today to ask about installing front grilles and sports pedals and they refuse to do it. The reason is not what you might imagine. They say that the F-sport accessories were not designed for my car (it's not an F-sport) and therefore they don't want to have any responsibility should the parts not install correctly. Maybe they think my new pedals might cause me to crash? That kind of makes sense, but the grilles don't seem to be much risk. So now I'm kind of worried about making these mods.

My back-up plan is to pay a neighbor (he's BMW mechanic) install it for me. After seeing these pictures/description of the installation process, I'm not about to try it myself!

Can anyone tell me about their installation experience? Do the F-sport parts fit well? Has anyone been able to get their dealer to install?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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