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Here is the F - Sport Pedal Kit

With brief install instructions.

I guess the major cost of this kit is the fact that you are getting a replacement drive by wire gas pedal.

Dead Pedal and Backing Plate

Brake Pedal Cover

Drive by Wire Gas Pedal

The gas pedal is definitely drive by wire - 6 to be exact

First step unbolt the gas pedal - 2 10mm bolts use a 6 " extension to make access easier

Then remove the connector - held by a small clip - use jewelers screwdriver to release clip - connector pops right off.

Reconnect connector to new gas pedal replace bolts and tighten.

Remove old brake pedal cover.

Install new brake pedal cover - a real pain in the keester !!!!!

Took much longer than installing gas pedal due to having to pry rubber backing over brake pedal.

All that remains is to install Dead pedal - backing plate should be placed under the carpet and screwed into dead pedal.

Will do that this weekend.


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That looks great, I have never seen sport pedals that include the entire pedal and arm! That's a new one for me, how much was it? Any difference in feel?
I purchased them from Sewell with the Club Lexus discount the set was $253 plus shipping.

Here's the link - they are available now (ignore Summer availability and the video in the link not for CT)

2011 CT200h: Aluminum - Sport Pedal Set - Coming Summer 2011 The Lexus original equipment stainless steel high performance pedals add a great look and feel to the interior of your new Lexus. Each pedal is impregnated with a with its own unique custom

There is no difference in how the gas pedal feels.

I guess the pedal actuates a potentiometer to provide a signal to the ECU.

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