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What's up CT200h enthusiasts?! I just bought my 2016 Lexus CT200h Premium with 3 years/36k miles after 1 owner lease. Got it for $16,600 and I'm pretty excited about the price/value as well as the car itself.

1st of all, this is an awesome looking car, especially with a few lil personal mods & touches. But besides that, the MILEAGE is AMAZING. 2 weeks in I'm already averaging 42 MPG, it's like sipping gas thru a coffee straw!

Anyway, the car was in like new condition, so that's nice, but that also means it was BONE STOCK, and I simply can't leave it that way.

So far I got the tints put on (practically a requirement in S. FL), and I ordered some 25mm wheel spacers to try to make the stock rims go flush with the fenders.

I'll keep you guys posted on any mods or updates I do. Thanks for your insight so far, as I've browsed through many forum topics and I really appreciate the pics, mods, and info you all have shared too.

CT200h's FTW!
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