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I did the sound system in my ct. I went the Headunit route since I was getting to much buzzing from the stock headunit and didn't want any JL clean sweep or Rockford modules installed since I wanted total control. Also since I was worried about theft I decided to custom mount this in the armrest. I originally started with Hertz MLK 165 up front, and wasn't entirely satisfed so I made the switch to HAT (Hybrid Audio Technologies) Legacia L6 running active all around. All this coming from a JL 900/5 (5 channel) which I installed and running a Sealed JL12W6 a 1.5cubib feet getting about 605RMS from the JL birth sheet. All this adds up to a phenomanal sound, and I mostly use the Ipod connect via usb (90 degree adpator to the headunit) so I don't need to keep it open since I sometimes use the arms which is still too far back LOL. Mostly all music is AAC or 320kbps so I'm very happy with that and quality is not an issue. I've also sound deadened all the doors and the complete hatch and I am now 10000% satisfied with this setup. SQ is great and when I want it loud the single sealed JL does wonders. I thought I should mention that because this is a hybrid its pretty neat not having the car running and it can stay on idle (meaning ready and the engine off) for easily 30-40 before starting at all!! Let me know if you have any questions.......
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