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Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one !

I had a similar experience the other day, I was at traffic lights on the flat and was not sure what I did I reached down for some reason and I now think I must have touched the park button but the result was I couldn't pull away as the lights changed at that moment (foot on throttle nothing happening !) so within what must have been no more that a few seconds the 4x4 behind me is beeping !!! Then i notice i am not in drive but I could not get the car in to drive, for some stupid reason because I had been trying to pull away I had not put my foot back on the brake to go back in to drive. Once I did this it was ok.

The whole thing probably only lasted 15-20 seconds but seemed longer with the idiot behind me beeping his horn, like I would want to sit there deliberately at the lights tacking in the view ! Surely it was obvious I had a problem.

I have had cars stop in front of me before you either wait a min and they sort it out or you change lanes if you can and I have even put my hazards on and gone to assist the car in front before and help push them to the side. What good does #%##¥ beeping do !

Thanks for letting me vent that out of my system.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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