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Something On My Car I Didn't Know...And A Couple of Questions

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Something I didn't know about the CT200...when you have the key in your pocket at night and just walk by the car when it's locked, the interior lights light up and so do the lights under the outside mirrors...when you walk away, a few seconds later they go off...very cool for safety reasons and to help you when you get in at night. Now, the questions I have (I have never had a hybrid before). When I'm driving today cruising about 40-45 MPH and I had already been on the highway for awhile, the EV light to the left of the energy gauge (the one on the left which turns into a tach in sport mode) lights up green as long as the meter is below the halfway mark at 9 o' I really in pure electric mode while this is happening at 45 MPH? And, the diagram on the dash which shows system operations of the battery...when you brake and it goes all the way down into the charge area, the meter arrow moving towards the batter from the wheel looking thing means it is charging the battery...when it goes the other way, when the meter is between the charging level and 9 o'clock, you are using battery only (is this correct)? And, when the top one showing the engine is moving toward the wheel, you are using pure engine (gas)...sometimes, both are moving toward the wheel...I guess you are using both electric and gas at the same time. And, is the diagram on the NAV screen showing diagnostics the same pictures (I haven't tried using it or the NAV yet). I took the car and drove back to work so I didn't get a chance to play with the car. I must say, as much as I liked the look of the car before I purchased looks great sitting in my driveway...looks so small next to my wifes Toyota Sienna XLE Limited...almost like a toy (even sportscar looking). And, I am so happy I got the black really does shine like a gem when cleaned up.
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EV mode is possible up to 40-45 mph or so.

Good luck with the black car! It'll shine up if you maintain the paint!
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