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Solved: Need Help Identifying Screw: Cant Find out a Part#

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I just recently bought a 2013 CT200h F Sport and was hoping for some help trying to clean it up a bit. Nothing is urgent, mostly just missing clips and a couple covers need replacing. I'm not having too difficult a time figuring out the clips I need, going between the Lexus OE Parts website and the manual we have available from the forum, but theres just one itty bitty screw i am having trouble with and for the life of me, I can't find the part number. Maybe I'm missing it somewhere when i go through documentation.

This is all I have so far:
The screw should be in that hole on the top right of the picture.
Gesture Finger Automotive exterior Cameras & optics Thumb

In the manual, it says its what holds down the Inlet Air Cleaner Assembly on its top:
Font Parallel Auto part Diagram Engineering

The text on the right of the screw denotes torque specs, not a part# unfortunately

The assembly is listed on the Lexus OE Parts parts site, but they don't have a listing for that screw and its not even on any of their diagrams: Air Intake for 2013 Lexus CT200h

Any help would be appreciated!
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If the one near the pinky is the same, perhaps you can remove it and take it into the shop and ask for one like it.
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Thanks for the advice! Turns out it is the same screw! I also confirmed this on the official Lexus parts website.
The part number is 90119-06900 based on this diagram for the air cleaner assembly:

Font Triangle Parallel Engineering Diagram

Ill be ordering some later today.

Thanks again!
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