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EV - 5%
Eco - 70%
Normal - 15%
Sport - 10%

Use ev to sneak in on my road, parkinglots and so on, its great when just just need to move the car a little, so that you never have to start the engine.
Eco for highway driving and normal driving
Normal on really hot days when I need the aircondition to cool the car down fast.
I use Sport on curvy roads when I like to have a little fun, or for acceleration (getting around a slow car)

Difference between eco and normal is a few but the main differences is that the Aircondition is restricted in eco mode and the trottle is dampened so that the car feels "tired".
Sport mode do consume more fuel in the way that the gas pedal is very sensitive, so it kind of pushes you to consume more fuel. It opens the trottle faster.
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