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Has anyone else installed one of these on their CT200h?

I wanted to have the lane change tap to flash like on my ES300h. On the ES I have it set to 5 Flashes so on a Lane Change I just slightly press it down and release and it flashes 5 times and stops. I have gotten spoiled and when I get in the Wifey's Car I get annoyed when I have to hold the turn signal lever down or lock it and cancel the lock. Smart Tap adds this feature to the CT. I went under the dash and found what I thought was the relay (Green) but it turned out to be the Brake Relay. I crawled back under the foot well for another look. It wasn't until I turn on the turn signal that I was able to locate the correct relay (you can feel it clicking). It is pretty far up under the dash and difficult to remove because it had a locking tab to keep it in place.

So I have the Smart Tap CF18 installed and it works as designed on the CT200h. It also has some other features related to the Emergency Flashers and Arrival and Departure lighting. I only got it for the Lane Change Tap feature. By default it flashes 4 times when tapped. I increased this to 5 times as that is how I have it set on the ES300h.

I found out that this feature was added on the later model CT200h vehicles from 2015 and newer with Nav. The Wifey's Car is a 2012

I purchased mine on ebay for $51 the retail price is $60.00 well worth it for me to have our two cars drive the same.
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