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I reuploaded the pictures for some reason the app on my phone ruins the quality.
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Sure! the process wasn't too difficult but you do need a few things for the project.

What I used:
1) A trim removal kit (5 pc. No-Scratch Tools for Removing Fastener & Molding : : Automotive)
2) phillips screw driver
3) your vinyl i got mine from they had some pretty nice options to choose from
4) a heat gun
5) a squeegee
6) a retractable knife (i would recommend the stainless steel one thats made specifically for vinyl cutting)
7) a whole lot of patience!

First i opened the passenger door and popped the side of the dash open with one of the trim removal tools
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There's a small screw that holds the silver trim and the air conditioning vent together, take that off.
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Then you need to pry the removable wood or plastic trim (that they sell online) off the dash, then carefully pry off the silver trim by using a trim removal tool to pop out the AC vent.
Once the AC vent is out you can see the silver trim isn't very hard to take out you just need to be careful its clipped in but it comes out very easily.

For the drivers side, you basically repeat the same steps except for taking off that removable part that is directly above the glove box.
After taking off the side panel and little screw you remove the vent with a trim removal tool

**The only difference on the drivers side is that in order for the silver trim to come off you have to pull the leather part above the speedometer area off a bit so that the vent and trim can be removed (This part is probably the only part I found to be tricky so if you have any questions just message me)

After all that is complete you're left with two vents and the connected silver trim. If you look closely on the trim you'll see there are two screws holding the vents to the trim. You'll need to remove those. Once that's finished you have the pieces that you're going to be wrapping.

If you need help wrapping there are a lot of youtube videos that teach you how just type "vinyl wrap" on youtube and you'll find tutorials
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