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So, I had the brilliant idea of installing a dashcam myself. I broke the window pressing the mount against the inside with a hammer handle. As I pressed, I must have put side pressure on the mirror mount and cracked my windshield. $500 later, I have a new windshield. Mounted the camera, ran the wiring into the mirror stalk, up into the headliner and down the A pillar. Managed to get grease onto my tan A-pillar cover so there are some grease smudges now. Fantastic. Got the fuse taps all set up and crimped onto the wires and wired it all in. No power to camera. Great. At this point, I realized that I should have had a professional installation place install it, but I feel like an idiot paying a lot of money for simple things that many people do on their own. So more you tube videos and waiting a couple of days for my multi-meter to arrive (since trying different fuse sockets wasn't working). Got back in there and worked and worked to try to find a fuse slot that had power when the car was off (camera records if incidents while parked, so needs power all the time, even when car off). Tried so many different fuse slots, referring to the diagram for things that would stay on while the car was off, like door locks. Well, after screwing with it for a couple of hours, I finally gave up. Nothing was working. I wrapped up all the wires again and put everything away again. But when I went to roll up the windows, only the driver's side door would go up. The other windows had no power. Pulled the fuses related to these and checked....fuses not blown. Started car and nothing. No window power on the other three windows. And now the Car has the yellow warning symbol on the dash and says "Check Hybrid System".

I'm pretty well as far down as one can go. I feel like a complete idiot. I was trying to save money and now I'm taking the damned thing (out of warranty) to a Lexus dealership first thing in the morning because I don't trust anyone else to work on the electrical hybrid system.

Holy crap did this go wrong.

Really, really, really wish I'd had a professional install for the camera now.

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