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Dear all,

I've had this glitch in my CT200h that while certainly not a "deal breaker," it still annoys the hell out of me. It's regarding the setting for the loudness of the mouse click sound in the Premium Navi model. In the MENU screen, the rightmost icon on the top row is the car settings (with an icon of the car), clicking on that and then the first icon on the next screen (the leftmost icon on the top row) would get you into GENERAL SETTINGS. On the very first screen, if you scroll down a little bit, you will see a setting for the loudness of the mouse click sound. The default level is 3; however, that's really loud considering the car is super quiet so I changed that to level 1, which is the lowest setting. I clicked OK to save that setting and then clicked OK again to get out of the main screen. That should do it, right? WRONG! The car would retain the new level 1 setting for a day or two and at some random time interval, it would change itself to the default level 3 again! I would know this because the next time I go to use the navi, the mouse click sound would be super loud again! I have tried changing it back to level 1 gazillion times only to have it revert back to level 3 again later. I thought okay maybe I'll try changing it to level 2 instead. Same thing happened - it would revert back to level 3 after a while. What's going on?!?

Has anyone experienced the same issue? I called my Lexus dealer and they said I need to leave the car with them so they can see when the car reverts back to level 3. This is my only car so I need it to get to work so I haven't been able to leave it with the dealer.

Any thoughts here would be much appreciated. By the way, I changed 1 other setting in the navi which has to do with the locking system of the car and that setting never gets changed back. It's just this darn mouse click sound loudness that just wouldn't stay!!! :(
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