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You may want to put in the dates for the cars that it fits. 2006-2009 and a link to the product page
Then also put a picture of the actual box it is in.
Maybe have in big font "display video or your cell phone on your car's NAV screen"

I have an ivic in my car, but your listing needs some improvement.
People will always find it fishy if you dont have a picture of the actual item for sale which in your case is a sealed box.
If it were my listing I would open the box and take picture of everything inside, but that is me.
Maybe I am wrong, but this is a niche product so I dont know how may people search ebay for vaistech.

Your best bet is if someone on here or wants to buy it direct so you can just pull the ebay listing.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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