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Love the car, but have decided to pursue more horsepower at expense of luxury and fabulous fuel mileage.

Anyone know what i should ask? After 5 months, it's got about 5.7K miles on it, bamboo trim, all weather mats, shark fin ant, premium pkg, non-nav.
Dude, just add a 100 shot of NOS. You just need NOS man, serious NOS. (J/K).

I'd probably ask $29,999.99 for it. Have you asked the dealer you purchased it from? They might want it.

Man, that's an awful tax hit to take (depending on where you live).

The tax in Cali alone would be close to $3000. Not $1000 per month, but still that'd be a bitter pill to swallow. Maybe you could palm it off to a family member and avoid the tax hit again?

But hey, at least you didn't lease, getting out of the lease at 5 months would be staggering.

The caramel interior is very much in demand, I'd say 95% of the cars out there on the lots have black or white interiors. (I know, I called every dealership within 1000 miles before I found my Starfire Pearl/Caramel).
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