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Don't know if you will see this post, Stumpie, but I am also located in the San Francisco Bay Area and about to unload my CT as well. Mine sounds similar to yours except for the color. It's a Tungsten Pearl CT200h Premium Non-Nav with Ecru (tan) NuLuxe interior. Factory options included a Cargo Spider Net, Illuminated Door Sills and an Accessory Package (Cargo Net, Cargo Mat, Wheel Locks and Rear Bumper Applique). I added as after market options Lexus all-weather floor mats, Lexus all-weather cargo mat, bamboo trim, body side mouldings and a shark fin antenna. Sticker was $32,436 and the odometer shows 2300 miles. The car is letter perfect (no dents, scraches, etc.).

After owning it for six months (I purchased it in March) I have come to the conclusion that it is a bit too small for my needs. I'll be looking for a car that provides similar mileage but has more interior and cargo room. Fortunately, there are lots of makes and models to choose from.

Coincidentally, a close friend of mine came by the other day in his new VW Jetta (as opposed to a Golf) TDI diesel, which I drove when we went to lunch 20 miles away. I was surprised at the power the little 2-liter turbo 4-banger had, and at the amount of interior and trunk room. While he pays a premium for diesel, the car has noticeably better acceleration than the CT, gets about the same mileage, and has a range of about 500 miles due to a larger tank. He paid $27K plus T&L. The Jetta TDI will be among the cars I will be considering after I sell my CT.

I decided I'm going to stand firm at $28K and advertise the car in the paper next weekend unless someone on this forum on the West Coast wants it at that price. I'm thinking $28K should be an attractive price for a CT with only 2300 miles.

If anyone is interested, send me a PM. Photos below.

Too bad i am on the east coast and not at home right now because at this price i would be very interested to take it across Canada! So in the next spring, CT's owner take this message, i will probably look for a US CT200h since its cheaper and you can get so much more color combo!
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