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Saw Someone Is Starting A Class Action Against Lexus (Toyota) Based On Mileage Claims

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So I Googled this story. Some Lexus CT200h owner is suing Toyota claiming that his CT200h's mileage claims are way over exaggerated. I'm not sure how he's driving his CT but Lexus claims about 42 combined. I have yet to get that low a figure. The mileage figure on the current display in the car is exactly 3 MPG over when I actually compare with miles driven vs gas added to fill the tank up. I use and have since I owned my car and have never got less than 46 MPG and that was recently when I got the recall fixed (they probably left my car running).
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The way car companies test for fuel economy is different from real city driving anyways. They test in a circle and only flat land, while we have hills and bumpier roads etc. I had an Insight before i bought the CT and my average for that vehicle was 5.7-6L/100km. When the company claimed it was 5L/100km. My CT now is at 4.8L/100km but my car is only 3 weeks old and i'm still babying it to run it in. So prob once that is over, and with my heavier foot it'll be over 5L/100km. Which in my opinion is still really good compared to what gas prices are at now.

I don't think the guy will win his law suit because if he actually read the print about fuel economy every print clearly says "Estimated fuel economy is ___ " so , good luck to him!
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