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I'll be doing a RX350 bi-xenon projector retrofit here in the next few weeks/or month or two...I'll also be swapping the OEM halogen fogs to Diode Dynamics elite series (yellow) type B foglights.

The stock lighting on our cars is pretty bad. The beam pattern isn't wide and it doesn't throw the light far at all. I'm firmly against dropping bulbs into a projector that's not meant for it because you DO get glare and the optics are not right. No matter what anyone says thinking they are getting superior lighting... you are still using a crappy halogen projector with a bulb it was not designed to work with. Plus it gets tiresome reading that those $50 led bulbs are superior, they aren't. Hence the reason to do a proper retro fit.

I'll post as I go along and update so at least there will be a trail to follow if you want to do the same.

This first post is just pictures of the parts. Some things I purchased just because I'm not entirely sure which way I want to go with wiring and figured it's easier to buy the stuff now and have it rather than figure out that I wanted to do it a certain way and not have the option at the time and then order and wait...etc.

I'm not really into halos or demon eyes, RGB leds..etc. I like a simple clean OEM+ look. This will look like nothing is done which is exactly what I am going for. I do plan on getting the orange reflectors made/molded clear. So the headlight will have a cleaner look. Ballast location I hope to mount under the headlight housing.

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Let the modding beging!

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