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My bride has been driving a 2004 RX330 for over eight years. It now has 131k miles. It is in excellent shape and we have always had every suggested maintenance level done at the Lexus store, though for the past couple of years we've had oil changes done at the near Toyota dealer (16 miles vs 55 for Lexus.) We're about ready to make a trade. I've been pretty locked in to the Prius V, not knowing until today that there was a similar Lexus version. We'd be going down in cargo space size from the RX to the Prius V but the CT is even smaller. I wish there was a Lexus version of the V- same size, stature, etc, but with Lexus quality.
My wife also likes the higher ride of her RX. The Prius V, sitting three inches taller than the Prius sedan, would probably be okay with her. I'm not sure how she's going to like the low ride of the CT. Plus, we're both fairly tall (5'11" and 5'9") so the lower seats bring up a question of comfort, especially for long drives. I'd like to hear comfort reports from tall drivers on long hauls. Our son and his family are moving to Denver and that's a 1000 mile one way drive from near Houston!
I'd appreciate your comments and input. We have not test driven either of these yet.

Another issue. With the RX being a close cousin of the Toyota Highlander, we've had no problem getting minor service at the nearby Toyota dealer and it's MUCH cheaper than the same service at the far away Lexus dealer. Will there be any problems getting a CT serviced at the Toyota shop?

Thanks! Happy to be a new member of this forum!
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