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Try Ford C-Max

First Turkeydriver, I have a 2010 Prius level V, not the new large Prius V , but the one with the 17 inch wheels) The 17 inch not the wheels make a huge difference; it rides and drives very well. It does not wander all over the road. It also has the advanced technology package. The other Level Prius’s I, II, II, and IV all had the wondering 16 inch

Now back to Kensterfly’s wheels.? The CT200h is pretty small on luggage space. A regular Prius or and 330 RX have more. I assume the 330 RX you are talking about is your bride’s. Your mileage even at 131,000 is not that high for a well-maintained Lexus; The Lexus RX330 could probably easily go another 70,000 miles without major problems. The RX330 is more luxurious, but also burns more gas. The downside of the RX330 is that it real doesn’t provide that much cargo space compared to other comparable sized SUVs. The Prius V should provide a lot more space and would get better mileage, but also probably a car payment. Oh, in addition to the Prius and the CT200h, I have a couple of other cars one being a Ford Focus ST ( manual shift, power, fun, much better radio). Talking about radios/audio, the CT200h has a very poor sound system; your bride’s RX330 sound system is far superior. Even the Prius beats the sound system of the CT200h. Even the Prius Now the reason I mentioned for is because they have a new hybrid vehicle, C-Max which actually lager than the Prius V and has a excellent audio system. Ford has come a long way in the last couple of years especially and if you haven’t tried them recently you would be amazed. Anyway the downside of the C-Max which is rate at 44/44 mpg is that most people are only getting around 35 mpg. I think part of the reason is the ecoboost engine ( which I have a 252 hp 2.0 liter in my Ford Focus ST) is that it is euphoric to get carried away with the power and stick your foot in throttle. The C-Max has an ecoboost engine tuned a little more for economy, but the combination provides a lot better power on demand than the CT200h, Prius, or Prius V. Your 330 RX would still have a little more power, albeit not much more.

Anyway, given the criteria you have provided I would keep the RX330. If you want a new higher mpg car, I would get the Ford C-Max since you didn’t mention a new Lexus RX 400h as a choice either.

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