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Road rash/scratch to front bumper

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UGH. I am SUCH a schmuck. I was falling asleep trying to get home, finally got home. Parallel parked on the street in front of the house. Remembered that street sweeping was the next day, so i did a u turn to park on the other side of the street. I was an idiot and didn't want to park in the driveway where the freaking birds would crap on my car (there's a big tree over the driveway). As I made the u-turn, i couldn't see how far the curb was and scraped the car just as I was completing my u-turn. I did it slowly, and had to back up to finish my u-turn once I heard my car start to scrape. Now there's a scrape on the right front of my bumper. It's silver, roughly 1x4 in. this sucks.

Any suggestions anyone?

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It was just a spot treatment. I think the whole sanding and repainting it as three separate layers of paint was what helped blend it the best (Starfire Pearl and other pearl paints are tricolor). I'm surprised it came out so well considering this is a lighter color and I heard it's easier to blend darker paints together.

The scratch was pretty deep so it was cleaned out, sanded, then filled. After that, it was sanded again, primed, painted x3, and may have been sanded again, I'm not completely sure what the steps were since I didn't watch the guy do it. After the last layer was painted on (clear coat), it was polished. Took about 1 hour, 30 minutes. The rest of the time was to let the clear coat cure a little before I could drive it safely. No car washing, solvents, waxing, or anything of the sort for the first 24-48 hours after this whole process. Lifetime warranty on peeling or fading.
^^^ that is pretty amazing.

And the price seems too good to be true as well... definitely a good place to keep in mind in case I ever need some paint job done :).
I pulled the same bonehead on Sunday! Leaving church after Easter service, I had to make a U-turn to get out to the other side. I turned and judged that I had enough clearance. My wife told me otherwise. You know what happens when the Mrs tells you not to do something right? So I crank the steering wheel full left and proceed with my turn. I slow down as I near the curb and inch it along. Then that awful grating sound, although only for a sec or 2. My heart drops, my wife gives me the evil eye and I act nonchalant! But I didn't stop and take a look. Couldn't bear it!

I pull into the driveway at home and sigh as I get out of the car. I go to the right passenger fender area to take a look. Increduously there is nothing! I feel all around the bumper - everything is smooth! I inspect the alloy wheel. Again nothing! So what was the sound? Finally I feel UNDER the flat area of the bumper right at the 90 degree point. Then I feel the coarseness. I look under and there is a 1 inch by .25 inch triangular black patch where the paint wore off. I scraped OVER the curb, just barely! Not visible unless I run over somebody or if the car is on a lift.

Lesson here guys, is when the Mrs talks, nod your head and say "Yes Dear!"

(I will be picking up some touchup paint next week when I bring the CT in for the 1,600 KM inspection!)
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If the bumpers where higher the mileage would be less/ We had an estimate for the about 6 knicks on the bumper from road debris at Lexus-$550!! as they said they have to take the bumper off to fix. Guess when we get the nerve we will get sandpaper and touch up paint $8 at Lexus dealers. I also almost scraped the bottom of door by opening into flowerpot-but luckily that came off, so now my hubby parks to the left as I have so many flowerpots. We also park miles away from the store or bank, but times you cant always do that.
nice save on the car matt and thanks for the heads up on where to go down here in socal.
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