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Ride quality: F sport vs regular

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I realize that this question is probably highly subjective and I need to test drive myself to notice any differences, but asking the public, is there a definite difference in ride comfort/quality between an f sport ct and non f sport model?

I assumed the f sport ride would be significantly more bumpy and rough.

I'd be more interested in a comfy ride rather than a sporty ride. But i like the look of the black wheels and wide grills. Oh, the conunmdrum.

Any opinions?
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I've got an F-Sport and my partner has got a "Luxury" (both Australian specification). My perception is that the ride in the "Luxury" is a little bit more compliant and the F -Sport is a bit more trim, taut and terrific. On balance, I'd take the F-Sport myself.
I don't have significant driving time in both, however I did utilize a standard model for my test drive and then ordered the F-sport. While there is a difference, I don't think it is as significant as one may imagine it to me. The CT was tuned to have sportier handling to begin with.

How about from a passenger standpoint? Most of the time i will be carrying someone in the passenger seat next to me. I am wanting to upgrade from an '08 corolla to a CT. You think the ride of the lexus will be more comfortable? I was afraid the "sporting" nature of the CT would be a little bit of a problem when compared to non sporting intention cars.
IMO the CT is not extreme in its "sport" leaning. Also; modern suspensions are so advanced that it's not how it used to be.
I drove a Subaru WRX sprot wagon and a Prius prior to the CT. The WRX was the most comfortable car I'd ever driven.
The CT has lower-profile tires and larger wheels. It has a stiffer ride and corners flatter than the WRX but is not uncomfortable.
Compared to the Prius, the CT is stiffer and more stable.
You could always change tires. The Ecopia EP422 is super cushy. It does not offer handling as good as the OE Primacy MXM4 but its more comfortable. :) You can also go up to a 205/50/17. Fuel economy should be better which may balance the loss in handling.
How about from a passenger standpoint?
Passengers? Passengers? If they don't like it they can walk.
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