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Hi all,

I gave it a good search but didn’t find anything. But is there a mod similar to the Prius that can enable the reverse camera to stay on at the drivers choice as well as to utilize the infotainment systems locked out functions while driving (less important)?

I have a 2012 CT with Premium audio. I have owned it since I bought it from the original owner back in 2014. I’m 6’3 and one issue I have is that there are a ton of blind spots for me. I have a mirror camera already and an iPad Air that acts as my primary infotainment system. I basically only use the stock infotainment system to control the climate. I don’t need a mod that does CarPlay or any of that because the iPad functions as that. I’m just looking at getting a more comprehensive 360 camera system if you will, to help me as one of my biggest issues with owning this car for me,(aside from leg room) is blind spots. And yes, the mirror provides adequate viewing but sometimes I have it flipped off and would like the stock camera to always be on as it is incorporated into the dash well enough to not be distracting for those moments that require a check without the time to flip the mirror back.

This is what is available for Prius owners. I reached out to the maker and he did not have any tech specs on a CT to know if it works or not.

Here is my dash. The iPad is held in place magnetically and disconnects quickly. I take it in with me at night and can put it in the seat back when going in places. Anybody that drove cars like me in the 90s and early 00s will have nostalgia of taking your faceplate in. It gives me all of the modern features and I have Carista on it as well.

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