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Report a defect

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This has happened twice in pass two days.

I live in Seattle, the temperature was about 94 - 95 in past two days. I drove CT back home with A/C on, I parked my car in garage with all windows and doors closed, then I drove to local store about 30 - 60 minutes later.
I saw the battery was almost full, but the battery fan sounded VERY VERY LOUD even at stop sign
, I also felt the pulsation feeling when I push the gas pedal.
,(something like lost power intermediately) I stopped the car, and when to back seat to feel the battery vent temperature, it was very cool actually.

My wife told me to shut down the car, I restarted it about 30 seconds later, the MOST WIRED thing happened, the battery displayed almost empty (purple color) immediately, but battery fan became quiet then and the car ran normal afterward.

This happened twice already, I reported it to Lexus dealer, the technician had no idea what was wrong.

Does anyone experience it before?
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OP, when you parked your car in your garage for 30-60 min... is it possible that you forgot to turn off your car? You could have drain your battery or put it in a funny state. Then you drove in hot weather (95 is not really that hot.. it has been 106 here for the last 2 weeks), and it probably need heat up the battery with AC and everything.

Other than that I don't know what else to tell you. I don't think it has to do with hot weather as I said I drove in 105-107 for over 2 hours everyday this last 2 weeks. And I don't feel anything different about the car.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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