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I am going to help a friend who owns a 2013 Lexus CT200h who was had her driver side molding break away. I have bought the necessary genuine replacement molding (75536-76010) as well as a rivet (90269-04048) and windshield molding retainer clip (75545-58020).

My friend sent me a photo of her windshield situation. It appears to have broken off and left some remnants behind. All five retainer clips and rivets are intact.

My questions are these.

1. What should I use to remove the remnants of the old molding?

2. Does it look like I should be able to reuse the existing retainer clips for the replacement trim? Should I use a 3m super weatherstrip adhesive to strengthen the connection? If so, should I run it the length of the molding or just around the retainer clips?



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