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Truly enjoyed this vehicle. She was affectionately called Lexi. A 2011 pearl white premium model Ct200h. Unfortunately we suffered a house fire on 1/30/19. Everyone escaped due to the heroics of my son who woke up and pulled my wife and daughter out of his bedroom window.
The fire originated in the garage. The primary suspect was Lexi. She would later be cleared by the arson investigation team. Final ruling being undetermined. Likely electrical failure of some kind. Insurance is ongoing. However, I have been issued a final check for Lexi.
Thus begins my search for a replacement. I would like to find an f sport model in white. Prefer buying from original owner or Lexus certified. I’m willing to travel and live in the Hoosier state.
Any help from the community with my search would be appreciated. I’m checking Craigslist daily by using search tempest. However, I am not being very successful.
thanks for reading,
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