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They have the install instructions online: 2011 CT200h: Remote Engine Start - Equally valuable on cold winter mornings and hot summer afternoons, the remote engine starter allows you to start the engine -- as well as activate your air conditioner, heater and windshield defogger -- before ente
It has a procedure to install but you need toyota techstream if you want to program yourself.

If you install yourself, the dealer could do the programming part in 10 minutes if you want to pay them to do it, but they will probably charge you for an hour.
To program yourself (without the dealer) you can find someone who has techstream already or buy a cable and program with your own laptop.
This would work if you need techstream/cable:
$37 and takes two weeks to get the cable from china. I bought my cable from that link and programmed my keys with it. It works fine with win7 64bit.

This is the registration procedure from the PDF to activate it.
a. Open the Hood.
b. Temporarily reconnect the
Negative Battery Cable. Do not touch thePositive Terminal.
c. Locate the 1P RES Diagnostic Connectors in the Passenger’s Side Cowl Area and connect them.
Note: Once connected you will have 10 minutes to complete this section, steps d–aa.
d. Close all doors.
e. Place the Vehicle in Park (P) or Neutral (N) position.
f. Cycle the “ENGINE START STOP” Button from OFF to
Note: One cycle consists of:
This is equivalent to pressing the “ENGINE START STOP” Button 14 times.
Look: For the Hazard Lights to Flash Once.
g. Start the Engine.
h. After 10 seconds stop the Engine
i. Connect the Techstream Notebook to the Vehicle’s Diagnostic Port.
j. With the Smart Key in your possession, press the “ENGINE START STOP” Button twice to select the Ignition “ON” position.
k. Start the TIS Techstream Application by clicking on the shortcut located on the Desktop.
l. Click “Connect to Vehicle.”
m. Confirm that the information displayed on the Vehicle Connection Wizard is correct for the vehicle. If not verify that the Techstream is properly connected.
n. Select “Others”
o. Click “Next.”

p. Select “Smart Access.”
q. Click ---> (arrow).
r. Click on “Utility.”
s. Select “ECU Communication ID Registration.”
t. Click ---> (arrow).
u. Click “Next>.
v. Select “Remote Engine Starter.”
w. Click “Next>.”
CONFIRM: that the ECU Communication ID was completed successfully.
x. Click “Exit.
y. Click "close".
z. Exit the vehicle.
aa. Close the Hood.
ab. Look for the Hazards to flash twice.
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