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rear roof spoiler

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hey guys, i was just looking at the difference between f sport and the normal ct200h, since canada doesnt have it, i looked at the brochure from Hong kong... (it is english, dont worry)...

if you look at the specs.. it says the f sport model has a rear roof spoiler which is LARGE compared to the normaly standard rear roof spoiler..

have anyone seen pics? from any fsport pictures, it looks t he same.. if it is differnt i would love to order the f sport spoiler since i feel that the ct200h standard spoiler is too small

by larger spoilers, i just mean a little bigger, not like EVO or GT wing style, btu like the newer sti hatch backs..

**EDIT** here are 2 pics for comparison

in my opinion it is only bigger by like an inch or 2 in length, and it is hardly noticable.. but are there any other options? hopefully if not we can still purchase this spoiler for our cars... adn just put it on...
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F sport spoiler is 30mm longer (1.1 inches) and dips down 10mm more.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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