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Well do the very basic diagnostics yourself:
  1. Any new strange noises or red dash lights.
  2. Park the car, observe for any liquid puddles other than air conditioner condensation
  3. Does your car pull to one side or the other if you very, very lightly have your hands on the steering wheel ( like taking your hands off the wheel without ‘really’ taking your hands off the wheel..
  4. Put something down on the ground to lay on and lay down and look under your car. Do you see anything hanging down that looks out-of-place, e.g. something that doesn’t aesthetically look Lexus like.
If none of the above are true, you are probably okay and don’t have to have your car towed to a Lexus dealer. But just to safe, you might want to schedule a look-see at you next convenient time with your Lexus dealer.
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