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I dont even know if this is an issue. A friend asked and it got me thinking... I know there was a pretty bad radiation concern with the earthquake and I know these cars are produced in Japan. Im assuming before they got were allowed in the country they would be checked at the port for any kind of radiation exposure... anyone with any knowledge on this kind of stuff know if this is the case?

Again, Im sure its a silly question but figured I would ask.

It is quite a pertinent question and a valid one. A large portion of the country got blasted from not 1, not 2, but 3 reactor blowouts and meltdown of the core. Radioactive iodine, cesium poured into the air and ocean. That stuff doesn't just disappear. It was worse than Chernobyl and you see what happened in Russia.
It's not just the cars. How about televisions and other electronics?
Don't believe that Japan will be totally honest in this situation. They want to get the economy back on track as fast as possible. They are not going to tell the Americans. Sort of payback for WW2 maybe.

If you can rent or borrow a Geiger counter bring it to the car dealer and check out the car.

It's not being paranoid, just prudent.

I have a pre tsunami CT200h. It was in a US port the day the tsunami hit.
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