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Looks like there is about a 3 month wait on these cars. Not sure when the 2012's will be coming out but most cars start releasing about Aug/Sept although the 2012 Prius were released untilabout Dec/Jan. My question is that if you negotiated a price and put down payment on a 2011 and the 2012 comes out and price is increased during your delivery, will they honor your agreed 2011 price? I would think so since it is beyond the control of the buyer who was willing to purchase a vehicle that was not available.
There is not set time on when the 2012's will be out. My personal guess, and that's all it is, is they will come in around Jan as a 2012.
As far as pricing, that will depend on your dealership. What I have seen in the past is if you negotiated a price on a car you can not get, then one of two things happen. You pay the same profit on the new one as the you were going to buy, OR you start to negotiate all over.

Look at it this way. If you negotiated to pay X for a 2011 and found out you can get a 2012 for Y, would you still want to pay X for it since you were willing to buy it for X but it was beyond the buyers or dealers control?
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