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quality or cheap gas?

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When I first purchased my car, the sales person told me that this car is made to run on the cheapest gas!

Is this true? Anyone still use quality gas such as chevron/shell or cheap it out?
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I was a huge Chevron fan boy until one day I gave costco a try. Long story short, no negative impact to mpgs, no diff in performance, no odors/smells. Using mmo additive (marvel mystery oil) I was able to achieve an extra 1-2 mpg according to my data

Every 10 gals of gas, i add 4 oz of mmo (less than $0.25). I find it more cost effective compared to the nearest chevron/techcron (or any "top tier fuel" station within a 5 mile radius) where the price gap is a good $0.20/gal more for the name brand stuff

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1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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