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"Quality" LED vs Cheap Ebay LEDs 5050 SMD

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Seen a few threads about puddle light mods. Decided to do it myself. Pic of light in my dark garage is attached.

Thing that intrigued me about some comments is the whole comparison of the luxury mod package vs other LEDs available on eBay. The luxury mod package is about $75 + shipping. You can get the set of LEDs on eBay for ~ $20. So is there a big difference? Here are my thoughts:

1) Are people really comparing apples to apples. I bought 5050 LEDs and they seem fine to me. When I hear someone say "I have bought lots of LEDs from eBay and these are so much better" I don't think this is very helpful. Unless you specify what type you are comparing it doesn't say much. Luxury mod LEDs are 5050. They explicitly say so because 5050 is different from say 1210s or 3020s. I have no doubt if you bought older technology LEDs from eBay in the past they will not be as bright at the 5050 LEDs from eBay today.

2) I wonder where these quality LEDs are made. China? Are the quality China ones any better than the cheap China ones? Dunno. Same type of LEDs both made in China. Will one be that much brighter than the other?

I've put in the "cheap" eBay 5050 LEDs and I think they are fine. Pretty bright and white. Slight blueish tint. You can compare to pics in other threads.

I'd like your comments.

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"cheap" meaning cheapest I could find on ebay have been in my wife's car for over a year - still working fine !!!!
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