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Put Deposit on Premium Fire Agate Pearl / Caramel

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I placed a deposit on a premium model CT200H for my wife.

The car is scheduled to arrive in the port of New York today.

This is a premium model Fire Agate Pearl with Caramel Interior.

No additional packages or significant options.

Should arrive in CT next week.

Some additional information:

Base of windshield has electric heating element.

Headrests on rear seats fold down before you fold the rear seats flat.

Privacy screen for cargo area is removable and stows away under the trunk floor cover.

The optional dash trim accessory can be replaced in seconds.

93% of the car is recyclable when it's time for the car to go to the "graveyard".
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I did the same except it's for myself. Premium, fire agate pearl, black NuLuxe, premium audio, and a few other accessories mixed in (don't recall what they were off hand).
Saw the same combo today at my dealer.

The dealer was getting training from Lexus on the CT200H.

The 2 Lexus reps each had a Fire Agate.

One with black the other with caramel interior.

Good luck with your car :):):):):):)
I am waiting patiently for the arrival of my fire agate pearl CT200h!!! My carbon foot print should be much smaller and it should be fun to drive too!!!
Excellent choice of color!
Fire Agate Pearl is turning out to be a more popular color choice than I would have expected. My guess is that this is occurring possibly because more CTs are being sold outside the original intended age market. Could be wrong though, anyone else have a hypothesis?
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