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Hi everyone!

I would have already gotten a CT back in July but the unfortunate earthquake/tsunami in Japan suspended the company leasing program (though I can't really complain; my heart goes out to those affected by the disaster). Anyhow, said leasing program is now reinstated and I have placed an order for a Starfire Pearl CT200h with the leather, audio, and navigation packages. It'll be here in January!

However, the timing now makes it a 2012 MY and I have the option of getting that sweet Ultrasonic Blue Mica (though I'd get it without F-Sport). I have until Oct. 15 before my order gets locked in and I'm torn between the white and the blue. I really like both colors, albeit for different reasons.

Since I'm only 22 years old, a lot of people I've asked have recommended the blue since it's sportier, bolder, and more youthful (read: I can get away with it while I don't have a wife to tell me otherwise). However, I have a rather calm personality and feel that the white suits me better.

Should I get the color that represents me or the color that represents who I (maybe) want to be?
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