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Hey all. First post from a long time lurker. This site and the community who makes it what it is has been instrumental in my purchase decision, so first let me say thanks to all of the great CT owners here!

I took ownership last week of a CT Premium, white with black interior. It's my little Stormtrooper. So far I am really enjoying this car and falling deeply in love with it. I never in a zillion years thought I would give up performance for a hybrid car, but I am continually impressed with the way this car drives and handles.

My previous car was an 02' IS300 manual, which I sadly had to let go. I was an avid frequenter of IS300.NET (my.IS) and I see some familiar usernames around this forum from that site. I guess I am not the only IS owner who was attracted to this car. For any of you who migrated, I was "jedi" over there and one of the co-founders of the site way back when.

Anyways, glad to be a member of the CT family!

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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