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Project Matador - Build Thread

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Project Matador - Build Thread **Updated with Mods**

Recently picked up a 2013 Lexus CT200 Matador Red F-Sport. I traded in my beloved 2010 Prius IV and loving it as my replacement commuter. It has all the luxurious items I like from my weekend car (besides the power...) in a great little package. Not going too crazy as this will be my daily driver and need it to be somewhat comfortable.....and it's a no track days ;)

I'll be updating the thread as I start modding it. I already have a few items purchased and will be installed shortly.

1. Enkei NT03 18 x 9.5 +40
2. Bridgestone S-04 235/40/18
3. Mutegi SR-35 Lugs
4. BC Racing Coilovers
5. OEM Lexus Camber Bolts
6. Alignment and Corner Balance
7. DDM Tuning 4.5k HID Low Beam and 3k HID Fogs

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nice! A good looking car right there.
Thank you, Sir.
Wheels, Tires, Suspension installed and aligned to spec.

1. Enkei Nt03 SBC 18 x 9.5 +40
2. Bridgestone S-04 235/40/18
3. BC Racing Coilovers
4. OEM Lexus Camber Bolts


These were test fitted before they were mounted. The fronts and rears clear fine. However, there was only about 3mm of space between the rear inner rim and the rear control arm. The fitment is PERFECT. It does NOT protrude out of the fender like VIP style setups and it does not need much camber. I only used two OEM Lexus camber bolts and aligned the car. Camber was evenly at -1.91 in the front. In my personal opinion, the size combo is the best width/offset for an aggressive fitment.

Installation of the BC coilovers were a breeze. I've owned many sets of higher end coilovers and these BC's are a great compliment to our CT200's. Compared to the stock F-Sport suspension, these are slightly stiffer but still VERY comfortable. My wife does notice that it has a sportier ride but still comfortable enough where it did not irritate her. Overall I give these a 9.0 of 10 for comfort.

As for the Bridgestones S-03's, I thought long and hard about these and other low rolling resistance tires. The current set I have on my E92 M3 are Michelin Pilot Sports and these are very comparable in regard to sidewall stiffness. I know that I'll never be tracking the CT200 but but these tires are overengineered for our hybrids. In a nutshell, they perform like my Michelins.

There is ZERO rubbing after 150 miles of driving up and down multiple driveways, dips, u-turns, deficiencies on our Cali roads, etc. Car was lowered with a thumb gap (inbetween 1 and 2 finger gap).

Overall, I am extremely satisfied of the outcome with the mods. I would not have done it any differently. The forum and its member have helped me with my decisions, and I guess this is me giving back. Hope my short review helps a forum member in deciding which route they choose.

Comments appreciated.


At the shop, Evasive Motorsports in Santa Fe Springs, CA:


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Snapped some shots after work yesterday. Car is dirty as it hasn't been washed in a week.


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nice...I look at the car with the new wheels and all I keep thinking of is Spiderman, I don't know why. I think maybe because the wheels look like a web and the red color of the CT.
I can see that. I should rename the build Spider-web.
Wheel color goes well with the paint color. What's the weight comparison of new wheels to stock wheels?
Stock rims weigh around 25.5 lbs. The Enkei 18 x 9.5's weigh 19 lbs.
Is there any noticeable performance difference?

Yes. 100%.

For a hybrid, it handles as well as my John Cooper Works Mini I had in the past.......if I get the Lexus up to
How much of a camber did u get on the rear?

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Stock camber at the rear. I don't remember if there were any adjustments. I had an alignment performed when the car was lowered.
That looks great. Did you measure the height before and after? How much drop?
I didn't measure the drop when I initially installed the coilovers. I just requested for a 1 finger gap all around.
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