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Hi. 2011 CT 200h in Obsidian -- I'm on the 3rd week and loving this vehicle. Coming from a Prius technology package 5, here are a few of the things I miss, and why they aren't a big deal, and a few of the things that I love that the CT has that the prius didn't have.

space in cabin and rear seats and trunk - not really an issue now with the Cocoon CPG5x2 - Cocoon
radar cruise control - I know this can be a special order for the CT 200h. I can live without this, and only notice missing it a few times so far.
push button automatic shifter buttons. Boy oh boy the More Japan || Since 2003 :: OGS Japan :: OGS IP Switch for Prius ZVW30 - Left Hand Drive was really cool
light not-show-dirt color. I had "blizzard pearl" on the Prius - stark opposite now with Obsidian black. It is really classy, and I have washed it about once a week.
dvd player. This really isn't a big deal at all.
rear armrest and cupholders. I never sat in the back, so my 2nd and 3rd passengers will have to make due. :)
Hd radio. This was always spotty and fading in and out a lot, going from high quality HD back to "regular" radio.

Best things, in no order:
Lexus name, with sentiment and status. When I was a kid, my dad test drove a Lexus and I loved it.

"Respect" on the road
Comfortable seats
Heat adjusted seats (the Prius was "toaster setting" or "Off")
Automatic adjusting side mirrors in reverse. I parallel park 4 or 5 times a day. This is amazing.
Memorized seating adjustment. It hasn't come up yet, but with valet, other people driving the car, I think I'll like this a lot.
Automatic rain sensing wipers. This is so much fun.

Using the automatic app and changing my driving. Automatic: An Auto Accessory to Make You a Smarter Driver for some reason was interrupting the Prius bluetooth. Maybe there's a new software update, but this is a really amazing device to track miles and change bad habits. It is still too sensitive on braking an accelerating.
Classic black. This is a big smile.
Capacitive remote mouse. I find this better than touch screen; it feels faster, safer.
Safety knee airbags
Roll down all windows from key fob remote. Haven't gone to the dealer for this yet (and to disable the backup beeps)
Sunroof. This might get old. I doubt it.
Dual temperature. This hasn't been an issue but it will be.
Quiet ride. I considered adding sound dampening to the prius, but when I asked the Toyota service guy, he said "get a Lexus."
handling. I love to turn.

Some things in both cars I really like
Rear view camera in reverse

Automatic temperature
Sharkfin antenna (arriving soon)
Tinted windows for uv (just done - only a day more and I can go back to all windows down.


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Welcome to the forum. My wife loves the dual temp feature. We have it on our minivan also. She freezes if the temp goes below 78 and I'm sweating at that point. Whoever thought of that feature must of been married.
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