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In the past couple of years, bad financial news is essentially all that is apparently reported. Recently, it has to do with food prices, due to a drought that's decimated the country's farmers. A rise in the cost of anything from beef to milk to the price of chicken wings as a result is being reported. Source of article:

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Party food not inexpensive

In the fall season, there are a lot of things that occur such as back to school and back to football. Football season begins and leads to a ton of additional parties where the food needs to be great.

Among the traditions of fandom is that people shall gather on game day to view the contests, cheer on their team, wish destruction upon their enemies and consume snack items and usually a beverage of some kind. Among the typical foods are chicken wings, though it isn't actually always the wing; often enough it's really the drumstick.

The noble chicken wing is a fine form of finger food fare but, according to Bloomberg, they are about to get much dearer to munch on, as this year's drought is affecting the price of chicken wings.

Most do not understand how bad the drought was

The expense of chicken wings isn't the only food item to be impacted; food prices are increasing almost across the board. According to NBC News, 62.9 percent of the continental United States by territory, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, is presently under drought conditions. It's the worst drought on record in more than 50 years, according to Bloomberg.

The drought is impacted mostly the grain growth in the Midwest, which is causing prices to boost for fee for chicken producers. That is why prices are driving up so much. In the last year, there has been a 90 cent increase per pound in the cost of chicken wings to average $1.855 a pound.

Vendors are reporting increases as well; Duff's, a bar in Buffalo, N.Y., told Bloomberg that wing prices were roughly $2.12 per pound, a $1.03 increase over last year and Buffalo Wild Wings, a national chain, is estimating a 68 percent boost in wing prices this year.

Nachos costing more

The USDA also happens to track nacho costs, which according to the Huffington Post, are also trending upward. The United States Department of Agriculture doesn't really look at what restaurants charge for nachos; rather they track the expense of corn chips, beef, beans and cheese, which are up 20 percent on the year. Naturally the chips, but additionally the beef and cheese are tied to corn costs, as corn is one of the most common feed grains for dairy and beef cattle.

In other words, sports enthusiasts that are seeking to spend Sunday afternoon at the pub should be prepared to part with just a little extra cash. However, that's mild compared to what the weather is doing to the country's farmers, who are struggling to stay in business during the drought. Paying just a little more at the supermarket or at the bar is small potatoes.



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