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Prestigious Society Nav Override Installer in MD/VA?

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Anyone know of an installer experienced with the PS Nav override product? I am in MD and looking for someone who has done this install before. PS said they only have an installer in Manassas, VA which is pretty far from me.

If there is one thing I'd change about my CT200h is the nav system! Gets on my very last nerve. I'm hoping this PS system will help.

If you own a PS, please let me know. Would love know how you like it.
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I have only owned this car for a total of 46 hours and I cannot begin to tell you how much this issue bothers me. I'm already annoyed by the fact that there are settings and preferences that must be set by the dealer, such as removing the reverse beeping, among others. A costly visit to my local Lexus service department to resolve this does not sit well with me.

I expected better from Lexus and am rather disaappinted in the lacking navigation system. It seems extremely dated. Add in the cost if of the Nav upgrade and it leaves much to be desired.

We traded in our 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring which had a far more sophisticated Nav system than the new CT200h does, despite being almost 7 years old. This experience will definitely weigh in when I'm ready to purchase my next car. I have a feeling it won't be another Lexus.

And yes, if we could find a tech willing to help, I'd travel to meet him (or her) and happily pay for their assistance. In cash and tax free, too :)
Wow, you hit the nail directly on the head – Lexus/Toyota navigational systems suck big-time. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when I found out how primitive the system is compared to the sytem in my Acura TL. The backup camera is usless as well without guide lines. And, don’t get me started how inadequate the audio system is in the CT compared to other car manufactures. The CT is solidly built, but I will probably not buy another Lexus because of the built-in navigation and the monophonic sounding XM/Sirius radio. Once you’ve experienced great electronics in a vehicle, it’s hard to go backwards in technology. Pursuit of Excellence – I question that statement.
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