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I wanted to see a break-down of the power and torque from engine and motor.
Much of the data was sourced from Lexus UK and FR websites, which gave more spec's than USA.

As an aside, I also compared the CT200h with the IS300h.

- The motor offers 45% more torque (acceleration) than the engine.
However, this is only relevant at low to moderate speeds.
- The combined hybrid system offers 33% more power (speed) than the engine alone.
- The IS300h has more torque than CT200h, but that torque arrives at much higher rpm. In contrast, the CT200h has its engine tuned to deliver maximum torque as low as 2800 rpm, compared to 4200 rpm on the IS300h. This makes the CT200h a better commuter car while the IS300h is a better touring car.
- The IS300h has only about 25% more acceleration than the lighter CT200h.


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