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Hi everyone,

I was recently installed in an accident (T-boned by driver that ran Red light) and my car was deemed totaled by insurance. I've been doing a lot of research for a new car and have narrowed it down to the CT200h. I'm going to view a 2016 CT200 F-Sport about 50 minutes from where I live and would like a few suggestions on what to look for.

The car has a total 67,000 with a total of 4 owners, which is a downside for myself. I'd much prefer a 1 owner vehicle but it isn't a deal breaker. Overall the car is in good shape with the exception of blemishes in the rear bumper and a windshield chip. It does come with the original window sticker and manuals which is a plus for me.

It's currently priced at $26,000 but KBB is showing a private party value range between $21.4k-$23.5k. I'd appreciate any advice! This is my first used car purchase in quite sometime and although I do have an eye for certain things, I'd like to make sure all my bases are covered.

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