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MB B class and CT are totally different cars. You ought to compare MB B class to Lexus ES300H, or to BMW 3 series Active Hybrid. I was invited by Lexus to participate in a track event a month ago which was set up at Meadowlands MetLife (Giants) stadium. I had opportunity to test drive a MB B class as well, and believe me MB B is a dog when compared to ES300H!!! 2012 Subaru Impreza is the highest MPG AWD mini SUV and it shines in performance with its super responsive H4 gas engine. Impreza got impressive acceleration that you will not find in the CT.

Acceleration is more than adequate in the CT, but CT's caveat is its spectacular high mileage which is in the range of 46+MPG in everyday driving, with a EPA rating of 43 city/40 hwy mpg. There are about 2.8M Prius worldwide with the same acceleration rate as that of CT, and Prius sales are climbing ever higher. You ain't gonna to out accelerate an 18 wheeler on an up hill merge for sure, but there is no issue with acceleration under normal driving conditions. You may opt to improve the CT's lethargic response by mod's such as aFE free flow high performance air filter or inJen cold air intake. You ought to compare CT against the new Ford G-Max hybrid, Toyota's Prius V, etc.. You will find CT to be much more refined, better handling and fun to drive than any other hybrid. It got very sophisticated suspension, lateral Yamaha dampeners in the front, fully wishbone independent link in the rear; all of which makes it a breeze to negotiate tight mountainous curves. Of course if you want to be totally engulfed in the typical world of Lexus super luxury amenities go for the newly introduced ES300H @ 48K plus but the mileage is down to 40 MPG.
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