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Please e-sign this thread if your having satellite radio problems-It's going to Lexus

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Hi there fellow CT owners!

You may have read my previous thread about XM satellite radio quality issues. After speaking with XM & Lexus representatives they asked for my assistance in gathering names for what my end up being a recall for some 2011 Lexus models.

If you're satellite radio is experiencing low volume, poor sound quality, poor clarity, or other audio related issues I urge you to post your name, location, and type of CT or 2011 Lexus you own on this thread. You may also contact Lexus Customer Care at 1-800-255-3987. This information will be used for this related technical problem only and will not be used for any other reason or solicitation.


Steven Zupko
San Diego CA
2011 CT200h
Fire Agate w/ Carmel Interior
Premium Audio w/ Navigation
Illuminated Door Sills
Shark Fin Antenna
HID Head Lights
Upgraded 8" rear sub w 400w auxiliary amp
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I'm in. Having significant volume drop.

Dave Scheraga
Olney, Md
2011 CT200h
I too am having volume drop. I'm not sure I would classify it as "serious". Maybe 10 notches below FM (i.e. SAT set to 30 on the volume is equal to FM set at 20).

My free 3 month subscription is due to expire shortly, at which point I expect to experience a drastic, profound, and absolute volume drop.
Was at Dealers yesterday for my 5K service and had them check out the radio... "Normal Operation for a digital radio, radio working as designed" was the reply. I told them the wife's Prius isn't nearly this bad, nor was my Highlander . THe answer was they must not hev been digital.

I figured no less, but Lexus has a probem when your AM and FM channels are clearer and volume is twice that of the SAT radio. :mad:
Mine seems to loose connection all the time..
Same problem as well. Dealer tells me it is normal, but I do not believe it.
Are all the tone controls set exactily alike? Press the AM radio selection and set the tone controls, then do the same for the FM radio selection, do the same for the CD selection and also for the SAT selection. Each tab has its own tone selection. I haven't noticed any problems with low volume on SAT radio but then again, I have all my tone controls set the same.
I have noticed a big difference in volumn between FM and XM.

However, on my car the problem seems to be more with FM than XM. The same volumn dropoff occurs going from FM to AM, or from FM to bluetooth audio.
I have the base radio and it is not as good as the radio in my old Accord, no matter what the tone settings! And yes, there is a big difference in the volume between FM and XM - the XM has to be cranked up quite a bit to equal the FM volume.
My XM sucks! volume, quality and connection issues.

Julio Olagoe
Union City, ca
CT 200h - Premium
Had volume issues, noticed XM default sound settings is lower than FM so I changed it and havent had issues since.

dont you think you will need VIN numbers as well as names for a recall list to actually do anything?
No problem with connection to XM. I drive from Washington, D.C. to Philadelphia with no loss of signal. I do notice that the volume needs to be turned up significantly with the XM stations. If I switch to an FM station without first lowering the volume I get my eardrums blown out. Over air stations signals are much stronger i guess. Volume can be at 15 for an FM signal while XM is around 30.
Seems to be fine in my machine
Same issues... Low volume, average sound quality... Thanks for initiating this thread!!

Ian Rand
Miami Beach, FL
CT 200h
Likewise - Looses lock too often, very low volume and tone not so good. FM and USB good (BlueTooth volume low also). Worse radio than my old Ford Mustang's Standard Radio/Sirius Service.

Premium Audio in my car...
I'm having the same issues regarding low volume and so-so sound quality. This is on my CT with premium audio.
If you are experiencing problems, please do as the original posts suggests and go out to your My Lexus and send a note with your problems to them. It is the only way this will be resolved is if we all write and complain about this so they are aware there are more then just a few with these same problems.
My XM sucks! volume, quality and connection issues.

Julio Olagoe
Union City, ca
CT 200h - Premium
Well said, me too.
Bought mine @ Northborough Lexus (MA)
CT 200h - Premium with premium sound
I heard back from Lexus on the XM radio volume and sound issues yesterday and they said after discussing with the dealer that it is 'Normal operation' and there is no issue.

When I told them how come the wife's Prius, my 08 Highlander Hybrid and that newer CT's didn't seem to have the same issues (even directed them to this site), they had no answer other then to say Service determined that his is normal operation for this radio when compared with other Lexus vehicles. :mad: A little disappointed in Lexus's response, or lack of response.
Even if it doesn't result in anything I have no problem sharing my information:

Rob Keberdle
Bay Village, Ohio (suburb of Cleveland)
'11 CT200h Premium
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