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Another example of a leather package, ordered *without* premium audio.

The Lexus site clearly says for our region to order leather, you have to buy the premium audio.

For standard build production, for normal dealer inventory, yes, the only way to get leather is to also have the premium audio.

However, if you are willing to wait the 12 weeks or more, you can special order it how you wish. Unfortunately Lexus is unlike a domestic manufacture like Ford or Chevy where you can easily pick the options you want and see it in 1/3 the time Lexus will take. Lexus chooses to "Value Package" the car. Basically, they will offer the car with only a few optional equipment levels for standard production. Manufacturing costs are reduced by limiting the number of variations.

From a sales point of view, I dislike this. On other Lexus models, there are features that the only way you can get them is if you special order the car with it. For instances...Lexus offers the dynamic radar cruise control with pre-collision's a great feature. Unfortunately, the only way you will get it on most models, is too special order it. (Fortunately, they actually ARE building some CT's with the dynamic radar cruise/PCS) Another example is the "Heads up" display for the RX350. Customers will sometimes ask to see what the Heads Up display looks like in the RX. I have to tell them that he only way they can see one is if they special order the car & wait 12 weeks. Why even bother offering these items if you arent going to make them more readily available?
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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