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Pics of CT with newly Plastidipped grill surround! (plus blacked tags)

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Decided to go ahead and try Plastidip after seeing so many guys have great success with it.

Did my grill surround along with the rear tags. I have to say, it turned out great!

I definitely recommend Plastidip to everyone here. Goes on easily, and after 3-5 coats it feels very durable and solid.

Here are a few pics for you guys -

CT before Plastidipping the grill surround:

Plastidip on the rear model tags:

The front end all covered up (I might have went a little overboard with the newspaper :D

After applying 5 coats:

The end result!

Overall, I'm very happy with the results. Definitely adds a nice aggressive accent to the car. I love how the matte color of the Plastidip matches great with the matte black wheels.

Next mods are going to be a BeatSonic Sharkfin antenna wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl along with also wrapping the rear spoiler with carbon vinyl. Stay tuned!
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The beauty of plastidip is that if you get tired of it it simply peels off !!!!
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