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They were expecting similar numbers in Canada, but apparently sales should much more entry level sales than expected. Which for me makes sense: what is comparable out there for 31-33K? Really, not much.
When you get closer to 40K, there's a lot more competition and less customers.

Exactly Claude. I always wanted a hybrid and willing to spend around 30K (i.e. a Prius, Camry, and maybe even the cheaper CRZ or Insight) but 40K lots more cars to consider.

In Canada, we seem to prefer the smaller cars than in the US, so from a price-point, technology, and panache perspective, Lexus Canada will be quite successful selling the CT and my guess is the majority of sales will be from the CT Touring (sunroof, 17" wheels package) (33K). This is because in Canada, the base model at just 2K less comes with the small and bland 16" wheels (remind me of the Corolla LE or S model, PIC ATTACHED). On a similar note, look at how many IS250 base models are out there (with the non-leather interior and 16" wheels) - very rare. When we buy a a Lexus, we want it to look the part!
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