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I picked up my new Starlight Pearl premium (no Nav) CT200 tonight. I started looking into the CT200 earlier this summer and test drove one in June. Liked the car, but had not thought much about it after that. Last week on Thursday I went to my local Lexus dealer (Chicago suburbs) to see how long the wait would be for a CT as I have heard and read it could be a couple of months. They had one CT on the lot and were expecting 4-5 more in a week to 2 weeks. I liked the one they had (mentioned above) and did the deal that night. The other ones coming in all had leather and NAV -- didn't need / want that.

They wanted me to wait until another one came in so they would have one for test drives. The expected arrival of the next one was Aug 24-29. I called the manager the next day and he agreed to let me take it on the 23rd (today).

I picked it up this evening and have enjoyed driving around town. For the 25-30 miles driven tonight I averaged 39mpg which is great since I was testing the acceleration and not focusing all the time on hyper-miling.

I traded in my 2 year old Toyota RAV4 -- will miss being a little higher in the air, but I already enjoy driving the CT more than the RAV4. The only feature I don't have on the CT I would have liked is the auto-dimming rear view mirror with back-up camera. I had that on the RAV4. Not a big deal as the camera screen is so small it is not of much use.
If it is the one in the Northern Suburbs, I'll be there picking up my CT200h tomorrow night, trading in RAV4 as a well.
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